Powering Africa Out of Poverty: Keeping the Lights On

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‘I have been using a solar lantern for the last three months and it has saved money and improved my health because I don’t have to buy and burn fuel.’ Neema Pearson of Songambele
When Songambele’s residents had no access to energy, they were forced to rely on burning kerosene to light their homes.
But kerosene is expensive, and pollution from burning it causes 2 million deaths per year, so it levies an unacceptably high price on  people who are simply trying to light their homes at ni

Powering Africa Out of Poverty: ICT and Renewable Energy

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In Songambele, Tanzania, our work has provided power which is being used to feed, educate and offer new opportunities to, the community as a whole. In the last of our Global Wind Day case studies, we tell the story of Ritha Haule, who has taken the opportunity to use ICT training to develop a strong business...

RITHA Haule and her colleagues were stuck: their office had been given a computer, but none of them had ever used one before, and they were unable to use it.

RenewableUK Offshore Wind Conference June 2013

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On 12th-13th June, we were delighted to attend the two-day RenewableUK Offshore Wind Conference in Manchester. The conference was attended by many of the leading figures in the wind energy industry, including Tom Greatrex MP, the Shadow Minister for Energy. Rob Dumbleton, Renewable World's Corporate Engagement and Business Development Director, tells us how the conference went...

RESOLVE - Lake Victoria initiative launches

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Our latest project in East Africa was officially launched on 10th June 2013.

Renewable World and AWEA: A Mutually-Beneficial Partnership

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AT THE beginning of May, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) announced its decision to become an official supporter of Renewable World, the charity of the Renewable Energy Industry. 

The relationship was launched at AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2013 annual industry conference in Chicago (May 5th – 8th 2013), where thousands of US and international wind industry professionals, experts, leaders, decision makers, and researchers gathered to continue the successful development of the industry.

Global Wind Day and Renewable World: Using Wind for Crop Resilience

Did you know that 1.3 billion people in the world have no electricity?

Paul Dowling: A Pilgrimage

Always be careful what you promise on a night out… Our Ambassador Paul Dowling has just completed a 3,600 mile trek to raise money for Renewable World – agreed to under somewhat unusual circumstances.

Measurements in Nepal

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Fintan McLoughlin is currently providing technical support to Renewable World South Asia.

Edinburgh Marathon, 26 May 2013

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On May 26, our heroes in green were out in force running the Edinburgh Marathon to raise money for us.

Renewable World and Global Wind Day: a little wind power goes a long way

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One kilowatt may not seem like a lot – a small fan heater can use this much energy in an hour to warm your feet in a chilly British office.
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