Run to the Beat!

On Sunday September 8th, 21 heroes in green took to Greenwich Park to take part in a half marathon with a difference – Run to the Beat.

Before the event

The runners, from 11 different organisations, took on the 13 mile course, raising thousands of pounds in the process, to help our work providing the energy communities in the developing world need to lift themselves from poverty.


Powering Africa: Is the US set to deliver on energy?

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BARACK Obama visited Tanzania last week, to announce his government’s Powering Africa plan.
Of course, as an NGO doing exactly that, we were interested to see what the American plan would involve.
On the face of it, Powering Africa (not to be confused with our own recent Powering Africa Out Of Poverty campaign) is a programme with a good heart.
The plan will commit the US government to invest $7bn in electricity provision across Africa, with private investment – fr

Mount Toubkal/Jbel Toubkal

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SOUTH of Marrakesh, Morocco, the Atlas mountains' highest point looms above the rest of North Africa.

Mount Toubkal, or Jbel Toubkal to the Berbers who make a living in the Atlas range's peaks, stands at 4,167m high, making it the highest point anywhere in North Africa.

And we have five places avaialble for anyone who'd like to take on the challenge of scaling it.

Total Warrior:

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TWELVE MORE people joined the growing ranks of our heroes in green on the first weekend in August, proving as well that they are Total Warriors.
The team from EcoLogicLiving, led by Judy Pearson and Emily Morris, took on the electric wires, freezing water, mud and fire of the ten-mile course at Shap Abbey, Lake District, and won.
Emily, EcoLogicLiving's

Taking Water to Western Nepal

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WE’RE delighted to announce a new collaboration agreement which will enable us to improve health and food production in Nepal.
We have already installed Hydraulic Ram Pump (Hydram) water transportation systems in four areas of Dhading, Nepal, which have improved health, reduced the time and physical demands of carrying water from rivers up mountains, and increased crop growth and incomes.

Giving young Nepalis the power to succeed!

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Hamro Sawal – Hamro Sahabhagita: Our Concern - Our Participation

WE are delighted to announce we have embarked on a programme with UNICEF Nepal which will deliver vital skills and opportunities to 72,000 youngsters aged 10-19 years old.
We’ve teamed up with UNICEF, Restless Development and Child Workers In Nepal (CWIN) to work in six of Nepal’s poorest districts: Mugu & Humla in Mid-West Province, Bajura & Achham in Far West Province and Saptari & Dhanusa in Central a

Are we on the brink of a sustainable energy revolution?

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That was the question being asked at this year's Ashden Conference.
The overwhelming response by the finalists of this year’s Ashden Awards was “yes”. So, is a sustainable energy revolution hope or reality? 
To see the amazing transformative work being delivered on the ground across the world to provide sustainable energy to all, it certainly feels like it could be a reality.

Powering Africa Out of Poverty: Teaching the Teachers

OUR WORK in a village in Tanzania has helped one young woman to overcome a fear of computers so much that she is now teaching other young people how to use them.
Hellaena Tayari, 18, has lived in Songambele B village – an off-grid community  97km from the Tanzanian capital Dodoma - all her life.

Powering Africa Out of Poverty: Keeping the Lights On

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‘I have been using a solar lantern for the last three months and it has saved money and improved my health because I don’t have to buy and burn fuel.’ Neema Pearson of Songambele
When Songambele’s residents had no access to energy, they were forced to rely on burning kerosene to light their homes.
But kerosene is expensive, and pollution from burning it causes 2 million deaths per year, so it levies an unacceptably high price on  people who are simply trying to light their homes at ni
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