Corporate Supporter - EWEA

Renewable World is very proud to have been the chosen charity of EWEA, the European Wind Energy Association since 2009.

As part of this support, EWEA enables Renewable World to attend all of their renewable energy conferences which attract industry delegates from across the world. Their commitment to promoting our organisation at their conferences and through online and hard-copy profiling in the trade press has paved the way for a number of new relationships and associations.

At the start of 2012, EWEA Chief Executive Officer Christian Kjaer joined the Renewable World Board of Trustees. Renewable World is delighted to have Christian’s input into the strategic direction of the organisation and look forward to developing and enhancing the image and reality of the connection between Renewable World and the renewable energy industry with his support.

EWEA - supporting wind energy big and small!

EWEA has supported Renewable World over the last few years by very generously making a donation at each of its conferences on behalf of the participants. In 2011, EWEA donated over €15,000 on behalf of the participants attending the EWEA 2011 and Offshore conferences. This supported Renewable World to work with local partner The Clean Energy Company (TCEC) to bring clean, affordable and reliable energy to the remote community of Mapandi on the northern coast of Mozambique. A 1kW wind turbine and 200w solar array have been installed and are now providing a constant source of power to pump water for irrigation enabling farmers to increase crop yields as well as charging mobile phones and batteries charging.

Mapandi is a traditional fishing village, but with depleting fish stocks the seas have struggled to provide a livelihood or a source of food for the community. In this situation the only hope is to look for alternative ways to earn an income and provide your family with a healthy diet. However without access to energy, and with climate change affecting rainfall patterns and soil quality, community members are struggling to grow sufficient crops to feed their family, let alone sell for a profit.

But thanks to this project, a 1kw wind turbine and 200w solar array now provides constant power (with battery back-up) for a pump to lift water from a new well, meaning families can grow more crops over much larger areas.

EWEA employees have also shown their support for Renewable World through participating in a range of events to raise funds for our work. In 2011, Sarah Azau, Head of Communications at EWEA ran the Brussels half marathon and Ex-EWEA Chief Operating Officer Bruce Douglas also participated in the London Triathlon, between them raising over £3000 for Renewable World’s work on increasing energy access in some of the poorest communities in the world.