Corporate Supporter - Natural Power

Leading renewable energy consultancy, Natural Power have been a long term supporter of Renewable World, originally signing up to become a Friend of the organisation in 2008.

Stuart Hall, Director and Founder of Natural Power explains that the company originally chose to become a support of Renewable World because; “We felt Renewable World (then Koru Foundation) fitted some of our own ideals – namely the desire to bring about social, environmental and economic change through renewable energy [...] and by continuing to support the work of Renewable World we have been able to fulfill that desire and see the real changes that being a Friend has brought about.”

In their role as a Friend, Natural Power has provided essential support for Renewable World’s core operations during a time which was instrumental in the development of the organisation. As Stuart explains; “we decided to become a Friend, which involves supporting the core operating costs of the organisation for a period of three years, because the structure appealed to us. We like the fact that our support allows them to carry out their vital work, ensuring 100% of other sponsors donations goes directly to funding Renewable World projects”.

But it is not just the senior management who has taken the decision to support the charity, the staff at Natural Power is equally passionate about the work of Renewable World and over the last few years have raised money in many different ways, supporting us to bring the benefits of renewable energy to poor, isolated communities.

Natural Power Analyst Ralph Torr and his rickshaw race team

At the start of 2010, former Natural Power Wind Analyst Ralph Torr travelled more than 2000 miles across India and Nepal with two friends in a rickshaw race to raise vital funds for Renewable World. The trio conquered bad roads, breakdowns and many wrong turns to arrive at their final destination in Cochin within two weeks, supported by staff from Natural Power sites around the country and further afield.

Staff from Natural Power's Malvern office get ready to compete in the Mud Runner Oblivion

A little bit closer to home, in 2011 a brave team of runners from the Natural Power office in Malvern took on the challenge of the Mud Runner Oblivion at Eastnor Castle. The challenge involved 10km of steep hills and deep mud with 10 tricky obstacles along the way including cargo nets, 6ft fences, monkey bars, rope courses and even lakes, proving that Natural Power will go to great lengths to raise funds for their chosen charity!

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Friend of Renewable World, please contact Melanie Matthews on: 01273 234 801 or email: