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Corporate Supporters – International Power

Renewable World is proud to be one of the three nominated charities to receive on-going support from International Power, the leading independent power generation company with a focus on renewables.

International Power’s commitment to supporting Renewable World for a period of three years not only allows us to build a longer-term relationship with them, but also provides secure funding for a defined time frame allowing us to plan our programme work more effectively.

Since 2009 International Power has donated £40,000 to support the work of Renewable World in tackling poverty through renewable energy.  Read more about how their support has made a difference to people living in energy poverty below.

Bringing light to the residents of Cuajinicuil
In 2009, International Power supported the installation of a solar-wind hybrid system in the community of Cuajinicuil in Nicaragua. This system is now providing power for lighting and appliances in the homes of the 67 residents in the community. This has replaced the use of polluting paraffin lamps used and has improved the health, education and income opportunities of the community. Read more about our work in Cuajincuil or watch a video of the project.

Water for life in Nepal
Funding received from International Power in late 2010 supported the implementation of solar powered multi-use water systems in Nepal to deliver water to 6 communities in the Western Development district of the country. Two thirds of Nepal’s population lives in hilly or mountainous regions that are remote, poor and cannot be easily served by conventional piped water systems. Therefore the vast majority of hill communities still rely on women and children collecting water manually from distant a source which is a major constraint to improving health and livelihoods. Read more about this project.

Power for homes and livelihoods in Silva and Somotignes
The final of the three grants, received in 2011 is supporting work in these two extremely remote villages in Nicaragua. This project will improve the livelihoods of the villagers of Silva and Somotignes through the provision of household and community solar systems and solar water pumping for agriculture. It will enable the communities to not only access improved health and educational facilities but will provide access to water for irrigation which will enable the community to increase their yields and grow crops throughout the dry season – improving nutritional health as well as incomes. Read more about this project.

Making a difference together
Since the start of their corporate partnership with Renewable World, International Power has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of people living in energy poverty.

People like Zenayda Hilario from Cuajincuil who explains that: 

" We can see one another better with the new lighting system. It is also much healthier...I think the change has been enormous"


Renewable World is very grateful to International Power and all of the other organisations for joining us in our mission to tackle poverty through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, knowledge and skills.

Learn more about leading independant energy generation company International Power and their approach to environment and society.

If your company is interested in becoming a corporate supporter please contact Renewable World’s CEO Neil Jeffery by email or phone: 00 44 (0) 1273 234 801.