Learning Conference Presentations

Over the course of our three day Learning Conference, the 230+ attendees heard 28 presentations from delegates from Europe, South Asia and East Africa.

Click on the links below to view the presentations:

Session 1

Jo Kelly, Renewable World - Introduction

Saroj Dhakal, WindPower Nepal - Wind Energy in Nepal

Emilio Simonet, Renewable World - Micro-grids

Bishnu Belbase, NBPA - New Technologies

Raj Kumar, IDE Nepal - Solar Multi-Use Systems

Dinesh Adjikari, Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal - Hydram

Session 2

Nick Virr, Renewable World - Introduction

Simon Lucas, DfID - Renewables and Production

Luke Colavito, iDE Nepal - Agriculture, Energy and Scale

Session 2a Environment

Nick Virr, Renewable World - Summation and Sustainability

Medha Devare, International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center - Climate Change in South Asia

Sanna-Leena Rautanen,  RVWRMP - Water Use Master Plans & Clean Energy

Bidya Banmali Pradhan, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development - Black Carbon & the Role of Renewable Energy

Fraser Sugden, International Water Management Institute - Social Structures & the Update of Climate Smart Technologies

Session 2b Livelihoods

Jo Kelly, Renewable World - Summation and Livelihoods

Bishwa Raj Karki, Biogas Sector Partnership Nepal - Micro-Enterprise Creation & Development Program

Charles Muchunku, Kenya Renewable Energy Association - Product and Financing Packages for Income Generating Clean Energy Systems

Suraj Baral, Technology Transfer & Renewable Energy Management Innovation & Technology Solutions (P) Ltd - Productive End Use of Micro-Hydropower Plants

Session 3a Technology Market Information

Jo Kelly, Renewable World - Are Markets the Best Way to Bring the Benefits of Renewable Energy to the Poorest

Emilio Simonet, Renewable World - Sustainable Energy Markets for Low and Middle Income Economies

Rajiv Pradhan, iDE Bangladesh - Technology and Markets (Systems)

Luke A. Colavito, iDE Nepal - Improving Provision & Impact of Renewable Energy Service for and with Poor People

Session 3b Finance

Nick Virr, Renewable World - Summation and Finance

Saroj Raj, SNV - Leveraging Multiple Financial Resources

Bishnu Prasad Pathak, NEFSCUN - Micro Finance

Ugan Manandhar, WWF Nepal Gold Standard Biogas VER Project

Dipen Man Singh Pradhan, Bank of Kathmandu - Renewable Energy Projects

Ram Prasad Dhital, AEPC - The Role of Subsidy in the Delivery of Renewable Energy Services in Nepal

Panel Debate

Nick Virr, Renewable World - Renewable Energy, Development and The Future