Our Values

Renewable World's work is guided by the following values...


Renewable World focuses on areas of market failure, where consumers are too poor to access private sector solutions without facilitation and assistance. We support partners and beneficiaries to be innovative in their use of energy, building enterprises which will create income opportunities, stimulate trade and increase their financial stability. We encourage partners and beneficiaries to use value chain analysis to support and stimulate energy-enhanced enterprise development and increased access to education and health care.


Renewable World supports the provision of renewable energy technologies which are appropriate to the current and future needs of the communities we work with and to their capacity to maintain and operate those technologies. Through involving and empowering beneficiaries, from needs assessment to installation, operation, maintenance and evaluation, we aim to maximise the financial, social and environmental sustainability of our interventions in the long term.


Renewable World uses renewable energy to transform the lives of those living in energy poverty, prioritising development outcomes and enabling communities to improve their health, education and livelihoods. Our work strengthens the resilience and adaptive capacity of communities to develop without further adding to global warming through the burning of fossil fuels.