Trusts & Foundations

Our partnerships with Trusts and Foundations are critical to the success of Renewable World’s mission to tackle poverty through renewable energy.  We are always actively looking to work with Trusts and Foundations that are interested in what we are trying to achieve and whose objectives are aligned with ours. 

The support from Trusts and Foundations helps us to transform lives.  Our projects light up homes, schools and clinics; pump clean water for domestic use and irrigation; and provide biogas for clean cooking and lighting. 

If you are a trustee, or know a charitable trust that may be interested in supporting our work, please contact us - we would love to hear from you to work together to alleviate poverty in some of the world’s most remote and marginalised off-grid communities.

Any contribution you are able to make, however large or small, would help us to positively change people’s lives across our programme regions in Central America, East Africa and South Asia.  Below are examples of activities which could be delivered with your help:

  • £350 would pay for the manufacture of a ram pump to provide a clean, constant source of water for Nepal’s rural hill communities.  This will stop women and children having to spend several hours each day carrying collecting water along steep, dangerous slopes, allowing them to spend time doing other activities to improve their livelihoods.
  •  £750 would pay for two 100w solar panels for the schools in remote Nicaraguan communities providing improved educational facilities for children.
  •  £1,500 would pay for the foundations, water tank and piping for a hydraulic ram pump in Nepal
  •  £2,000 would pay for a 1kw wind turbine in Mozambique, including a turbine-mounting tower
  •  £6,000 would pay for technology transfer training, promoting the sharing of skills, expertise and knowledge between countries and organisations to increase their capacity to implement appropriate renewable energy solutions for energy-poor communities
  •  £9,250 would pay for a complete solar powered irrigation system in the remote communities of Nicaragua (including 6 x 100w solar panels)
  •  £11,300 would pay for a wind/solar hybrid system in Tanzania, including a wind turbine, solar panels and battery storage capacity

Whether you are able to provide core funding or wish to fund a discrete project, we would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our work and ambitious plans to benefit thousands of disadvantaged communities.

For more information, please contact Sarah Farney, Fundraising Manager, at or on 01273 234801.