What We Do

Access to affordable and reliable energy services is critical in empowering poor people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Renewable World leverages funds, expertise and resources from the global renewable energy industry to tackle poverty through renewable energy in poor, remote, off-grid communities where financial or geographical barriers prevent private sector solutions being effective.

Renewable World works with a range of organisations to ensure renewable energy services sustainably improve health, education and income generating opportunities in poor communities in our programme countries. Read more about our approach

Our work transforms lives.

Access to energy enables communication and trade, supports the establishment of new income generating ventures and stimulates enterprise. Education is improved as children can study in the evenings, and schools can open later for adult education. Energy provision improves health through the use of clean lighting and cooking sources, and because clean water can be pumped direct to households. Healthcare is more accessible because clinics can keep vaccines, HIV tests and snakebite anti-venom in fridges.

To find out more about our past and current programme activities, please use the interactive map below, or alternatively click on the regional links below.

East Africa

South Asia

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