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Brighton Marathon photo gallery

A series of images from the Brighton Marathon 2013, in which six runners took part for Renewable World.

Christmas E-Cards

Demonstrate your company's support for Renewable World - paper free - with our latest selection of seasonal e-cards. 

We have some brand new cards as well as the old favourites to choose from.


Community Based Biogas for Livelihood Enhancement – Nepal

Renewable World is working with Nepalese partner Biogas Sector Partnerships (BSP-N) to install three community based biogas digesters in two districts of Nepal to provide energy for income generating activities as well as clean cooking facilities.

Gethin helps a child he met on the road

Filming the BBC Lifeline Appeal, January 2013

Renewable World currently features in BBC television’s Lifeline Appeal. Only one international charity is chosen each year, so we couldn’t be happier about this amazing opportunity to share more about the life-changing work we do; enabling opportunities for poor and vulnerable people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Sunrise runners

Flensborg Business Run

The EWEA 2012 Flensborg Business Run (combining exercise and networking - what a fantastic idea) - organised by the lovely Anders and Katrin from Flensborg & Asssociates, with all proceeds going to Renewable World. An inspiring and fun event! 

Kahka Creek Nature Reserve Nicaragua

Renewable World has been working with local partner blueEnergy to support the installation of a new solar system and mini grid at the Kahka Creek Nature Reserve situated off Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast. This system is providing reliable energy distribution for a training centre, eco-lodge, wood workshop and forest warden's living quaters protecting this valuable 640 hectare swathe of rainforest.

Mapandi community wind turbine

Mozambique Mipandi Solar Wind System

A hybrid solar-wind system in the village of Mipandi in Northern Mozambique is providing energy to pump clean water for irrigating crops to improve agricultural production as well as providing other services such as mobile phone and battery charging, improving the livelihoods of the local community.

Nepal Hydraulic Ram Pump Technology Transfer Project

Renewable World is helping to build the capacity of the Centre for Rural Technology (CRT) to implement hydraulic ramp pump technology in rural communities across the country to provide water for household and agricultural use.

Nicaragua Wind-Solar Hybrid at Cuajinicuil

Bringing light and electricity to homes, Renewable World and Green Empowerment supported local partners AsoFenix and blueEnergy to collaborate on the installation of an integrated hybrid wind-solar PV system. It comprises a 1kW locally constructed wind turbine and a 500W solar array, with a combination of a micro-grid as well as individual solar PV systems for more dispersed houses.

Pico-Hydro Renewable Energy System for the Chebich Coffee Co-operative

Renewable World has been working with local partners to reduce poverty amongst coffee farmers and their families in the Chebich coffee cooperative in the Bungoma District. This will be achieved through the provision of new machinery and renewable energy, promoting sustainable development in the coffee-growing communities and benefitting a total of 4,500 people.

Renewable Energy Learning Conference, December 2012, Nepal

Our very first Renewable Energy Learning Conference, supported by Statkraft, was held in Nepal in December 2012. More than 230 speakers and delegates attended from East Africa, Bangladesh and Europe, bringing the latest experiences from renewable energy programmes from the public, private, donor and non-g

Renewable World Community Biogas Project Nepal - Sidhupalchowlk

Renewable World's Community Biogas project (COBAL) 

Photographs courtsery of Helen Stoves, Intern and Reseracher at Renewable World 

A mother and child at work in Luanda Rombo

RESOLVE Project: Lake Victoria Fishing Communities

A collection of images from the banks of Lake Victoria, where we are working to improve health, increase incomes and even prevent overfishing...

Run to the Beat 2012

What a fantastic day!  Thanks to our 22 heroes in green who braved icy cold weather and red hot chafing (ouch!) - all in the name of raising vital funds for Renewable World!

Rory O'Keeffe and Rob Dumbleton wait to welcome the runners back to base

Run to the Beat!

All the images from the Run to the Beat event of Sunday 8th September 2013, where 21 heroes in green ran to the greatest motivational music, to deliver power to the developing world's remote, off-grid communities...

Solar Home Systems in Silva and Somotignes Nicaragua

The communities of Silva and Somotignes are located next to the Rio Coco, near to Nicaragua’s remote northern border with Honduras. Renewable World is working with local Nicaraguan NGO ASOFENIX to bring energy to these rural communities through installing 20 solar home systems. These systems will replace toxic and hazardous kerosene lamps and expensive battery powered torches with electric lights enabling households to cook, read and work in the evenings. 

Solar Power for Monkey Point Health Centre, Nicaragua

Renewable World worked with Nicaraguan partner, BlueEnergy to upgrade the facilities of the only medical centre in Monkey Point, a remote and extremely poor off-grid community on the Atlantic Coast.

The Maarifa Centre at Songambele, Tanzania, powered by a wind/solar hybrid

Tanzania Gallery Two: May-June 2013

Some more images from Songambele, showcasing some of the achievements of the project so far...

The Songambele Maarifa Centre, and wind turbine

Tanzania Maarifa Centre Photo Gallery

Renewable World is working with partner ALIN to upgrade the facilities of its network of Maarifa (knowledge) centres using renewable energy, which will provide access to improved education and income generating information and services.